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About Custom Inground Pools

Custom Landscape Services was started in 1995 and is owned and operated by Jerry Mayle. Jerry has served the landscaping industry for over 21 years has the experience and knowledge to make your landscaping project truly unique. Custom Landscape Services has endured projects in many different areas in the building trade, but has become experts in all aspects of brick paving and Landscape. Following pool builders for most of these years the company began to recognize that inground pools could be a formidable way to offer clients the same level of quality and workmanship in the entire project that Custom Landscape Services has practiced from the start. Jerry Mayle and Donnie Grace began working together in 2005 on the concept of creating a place where two companies joined under one roof that could truly provide all services from concept to completion of an entire outdoor destination. Custom Inground Pools was formed from this partnership and has continued to flourish each year since. Standing behind the same company values and ethics of Custom Landscape Services to truly embrace the motto of “where quality & customer service come first” — to honor it with each and every client and to create a backyard destination that lasts for generations.

We Make Your Backyard Dreams a Reality!

Along with an affordable, custom in-ground swimming pool, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you hired the most trusted pool contractor and licensed builder in Michigan. Being a licensed builder allows you the assurance that all state and residential codes will be adhered to we strongly recommend you look up our licensing at #2102207518 for added peace of mind.

At Custom In-Ground Pools, our mission is to provide every client with an experience of honesty, quality, integrity, excellence, attention to detail, on-time scheduling and guaranteed workmanship at an affordable price.

These traits are illustrated throughout every stage within the pool building process. Here at Custom In-Ground Pools we’re dedicated to the customer and will always provide the highest performance and expertise in the industry.

Peace of mind comes from our professionalism as well. You will receive dedicated service from our experienced in-ground pool building team. Our company is fully licensed and insured. As one of the top pool companies in Michigan, we have expertise in local building conditions and the latest pool construction techniques. We will provide you with a complete, written contract that specifies the project phases, and your payment schedules. You will also receive all warranties in writing.


  • Owner on-site
  • Michigan Residential Builders License #2102207518
  • Insured/Bonded
  • One contractor for entire outdoor transformation (no communication loss)
  • We give top quality and workmanship standard on all jobs
  • Our phones are always on to answer any questions
  • Customer service and satisfaction are our top priority
  • We stand behind our word & work like no other company, we’re here for you