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Liner Pools

In ground liner pools provide a valuable alternative to concrete, fiberglass, and portable pools for a variety of reasons. These pools are smooth and nonporous, and are generally easy to maintain. The heavy duty construction means that inground liner pools in Michigan are great for long-term investment, and the construction process itself takes about one to three weeks. These pools are most popular in colder climates where they can be drained and covered during the harshest seasons.

The pools require an initial site inspection and excavation, but are constructed with a simple design of panel walls and vinyl covering along the ribbed walls.

Custom In Ground Liner Pool
There are many benefits to investing in inground liner pools, and these include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Attractive appearance
  • Monetary value
  • Simple installation process
  • Wide selection of patterns, designs, and templates
  • Long-lasting and low replacement costs
  • Long-term warranties to preserve quality